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Fantasy Keith, the desert dancer.

Her caravan is from the desert, they travel the world though performing for coin where they can, normally at festivals or just on the road. They are quite popular and are known through most places. This is amazing considering the caravans small size. There are only about 40 or so members composed of a few guards, some acrobats, a chef and his crew, a beast tamer, a few jesters, magicians, musicians, a strongman, and a conductor plus his elephant. Keith used to be an acrobat, but after she lost her arms, she became the solitary dancer.

A new TES OC Because I’ve been missing the fandom a bit as of late. Can’t get back into Shir, but here’s a new Argonian. Her name’s Natli-Shaw. she’s a Naga. 

She’s about 8’2”, and is the sweetest person you’d ever meet. she’s kind, polite, helpful, and has lived in Black Marsh all her life. she’s only just traveling, so she’s pretty uncultured and curious. Everything is a novelty to her.

But under all that nice and sweet is an Argonian who was born under the Shadow, making her a member of the Dark Brotherhood. She’s also a necromancer and a worshiper of Molag Bal. She’s still super sweet, and thats why I think it’s such a neat character. The horrible contrast.

Persephone has a new addition to her canon. After running into some trouble with the Gomorrah, Annie in particular, Persephone decides to pay off her debts the fun way. So for a portion of time in her canon, she became a prostitute. Living on the strip, just like she’s always wanted. 

She adopted this (Half ass) Disguise to avoid NCR from recognized her. I imagine it works well when they’re drunk and broke. I also imagine that she lost her job after a not so drunk trooper noticed her. 

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